An important part of PCB assembly is the testing part of the process. It is never enough to just settle for creating the right number of PCB for any given time with the use of all the given instructions – the quality of the product matters just as much as following the guidelines in making them. The process of PCB assembly is never complete without inspection and testing, and we always try to do our best to diagnose and correct any problems early on in the process in order to avoid damaged products from getting in the hands of customers.

Nothing frustrates a customer more than the experience of having a product with a defect which could have been avoided entirely with more quality regulations.

Printed circuit boardLuckily, we never have had to experience any sort of discontent from customers due to the fact that rigorous quality analysis through testing and diagnoses are done during the PCB assembly process. The process of detecting errors and reworking on them in order to make sure that no problems ever get out from production is integral in the Quality Management Principles which guide us in PCB assembly.

High yield and quality are maintained thanks to multiple tests done on SMT equipment and on the produced PCBs, since we realize that only a couple of tests would only be so successful in getting all the problems out of the way of effective production.

One of the most common quality inspection processes that we do is visual inspection.

The mere observation of the products during the course of production can actually allow for the detection of many problems on the products before they go any further in being finished. A visual inspection allows us to see and correct problems as early in the production process as possible. This in turn greatly reduces costs in reworking of products and in the wastage of unusable, defective materials.

The visual inspection part of the quality process involves the use of a microscope to visually check each nook and cranny of every PCB. This process begins at the solder stencil printer level, with visual control systems being used in order to align stencils. After the printing of the screens, inspection checks are done to make sure that the components correctly reflow. Screen printing in itself is a complex and error prone process because of how delicate the work is, which is why it is very important to test each product first before it goes any further.

Printed circuit boards

Another important part of quality control is the pre and post reflow inspection. The pre-reflow inspection is the part of the process which checks if there are any placement errors made during PCB assembly. At this point, errors are relatively easy to correct, which is why this part is more rigorous than the post-reflow inspection. This process is even more important for automotive boards where the compliance standards are really high, and require that the PCBs can no longer be reworked. The destruction of the boards can also be prevented during this stage since the components are sensitive to heat.

On the other hand, a post reflow inspection, unlike the pre reflow process, involves the use of more equipment, since the products are already considered as ready for release, and any corrections to damaged products are not as easy to fix at this point. Certain devices are used in order to check the PCBs, including computed tomography (CT) scanning, endoscopes, microscopes, and X-ray machines. Probably the most effective method of detecting errors is with the use of a 3D X-Ray machines, which easily detects misalignment and other mistakes that will otherwise go unnoticed with any other methods of inspection.


In addition to these, post reflow inspection also includes bed of nails, custom test boards, and flying probes. These options have their pros and cons, and how we select the one to be used for the products would depend on the product specifics and requirements.

Flying probe testing is a good testing method to use for high complexity boards. The setup of this kind of testing procedure does not require as big of a cost as any other testing method, and it can be both installed and used within the same day. What happens in this process is PCBs produced are compared to a golden board’s measurements through electricity. This process will help determine if the produced PCBs are able to do their job of circulating electricity correctly, and helps in determining if the correct alignment and placement have been made on the PCBs.

Golf shirts are considered to be the most basic uniform of both the professional and non-professional golfers. This is because the style, material, and design of the golf apparel can make or break the game play. Most non-professional athletes do not consider clothing as a consideration when achieving their best performance. This is due to the fact that some sports and summer activities are not perceived as a long-term commitment, which results in the minimal use of some sports apparel.

The main problem of clothing choices for professional athletes is that these are frequently used apparels.

shirtThis means that professional athletes will be more conscious of clothing friction especially during practice sessions and competitions. An example of which is that runners that use poorly designed shorts can develop clothing friction, which can result in irritating and painful wounds. This will eventually be disadvantageous for the professional since the number of practice sessions needs to be decreased until the wound heals. This is one of the reasons why professional athletes stick to a specific brand and apparel style.

However, some professional athletes may influence sports apparel manufacturers to design better apparel by giving their feedback. The improvement in apparel design is especially effective if the professional athlete is an endorser for the brand. This is the reason why most sports apparel offered in the market are comfortably designed to enhance the game play while minimizing potential hazards. Sports apparel is designed to be appropriately loose enough to enhance the comfort of the individual while perspiring.

Most professional athletes do not encourage the use of tight and warm clothing for numerous sports since perspiration is a main consideration. This sports apparel design is especially evident for areas that have a warmer climate such as Florida or Texas. Unfortunately, not all body types are the same since a majority of sports apparel companies make use of a standardized pattern. Even with the constant changes in sports apparel design, most professionals would prefer to have their sports apparel designed for their body type.

Due to the nature of the sport, most golfers would prefer to have their golf shirts custom designed by their tailor or designer. This is the reason why numerous sports apparel companies are recently offering custom design and manufacture, which are already seen in major league teams. Some of the more popular major league professions such as basketball and football have their sports apparel custom-made and custom-fitted to each player.

Golf ShirtsDepending on the desired design and materials used, some of the golf shirts can become very expensive. However, most of the golf apparel being sold in the sports stores are already perceived as expensive even for the reasonably priced brands. If custom made golf shirts are not a budget friendly option then the next best alternative is to purchase a standard one and have it custom-fitted. Some professional golfers make use of this custom-fitting alternative instead of having one made especially for them. The main reason for this is that some of these professional golfers may be endorsing the brand.

Some of the most common problems of professional athletes is that their body will not remain at their peak condition. This is due to the fact that diet and exercise plays an important factor in the physical condition. There are some periods of time that the professional athlete may develop a larger tummy, which means that this needs to hidden or concealed from the television cameras.

The best alternative to look good at any time of the year is to still choose golf shirts that not only appear fashionable but also functional. Hiding potential body flaws can be done by using solid colored, striped, or printed collared shirts. These numerous designs are considered to be part of the regular golf apparel collection. Rockbottomgolf also have an awesome collection of golf shirt. However, some sports apparel designers and professional players normally do a collaborative activity that result in limited or special collections.

Have you ever attended a conference where you knew absolutely no one? Or have you ever been sent by your school to be a representative for an event or social event? It is really hard to make friends with someone especially if you are in a different environment where everyone's face seems so new to you. You try to approach someone but you don't know the best way to break the ice.

ID LanyardsStarting a conversation with a complete stranger may be difficult for some people. But there are certain events in your life that you need to initiate a conversation or at least do small talk with other people to broaden your connections.The best way to break the ice with a stranger in a conference is by introducing yourself. Once you know the name of the person, then at least you can consider him or her an acquaintance rather than a stranger. If there was a way to know the name of a stranger before even initiating a conversation with them, then it would be much easier to break the ice. This is where badge lanyards come in handy.

Some Of The Most Important Uses  Of Badge Lanyards Are :

Using a badge lanyard in school or company related gatherings can make an even more successful than ever before. You can also use badge lanyards for church activities as well. When attending a youth retreat, before you start with the daily activities, each member from the church in the retreat can be given a badge lanyard so that mingling with other church members can be easier. By knowing someone’s name beforehand, initiating a conversation with that person just became a whole lot easier.

In any gathering or event, the key to meeting someone new is to talk to them. You can go up to a person and introduce yourself to break the ice. After introducing yourself, build rapport with that person by saying their name. With the help of a badge lanyard, your already know the name of the person that you want to meet and you can use his or her name to break the ice and create a welcoming environment to conduct a meaningful conversation.

In a very large group, remembering names of all the people you met can be a very challenging task. As an event organizer, your goal is to make your event a successful one, by using badge lanyards, you can eliminate the risk of people forgetting other people’s names. Forgetting a name of someone you've just met can be a very embarrassing event for some. It can hurt the feeling of others once they realize that they are easily forgotten. The badge lanyard can make other people remember the names of the people they have just met. This means a more meaningful conversation, which leads to connections building up. With all these elements put into place, badge lanyards can easily make any gathering a successful one.

Badge LanyardsBeauty is in the eye of the beholder and color is the one that is reflected into our eyes. Vibrant colors make looking at something more worthwhile and more attractive. By availing of our colorful badge lanyards, you can make any event related to school, office or church more beautiful. We have the widest range of assorted colors for your choosing and the best part is that you can personalize your own badge lanyards to fit the specific theme of your desired event.

Using a badge lanyard is your ticket to meeting someone new. In a big social gathering, color coded badge lanyards could easily differentiate one group from another. You are more likely to meet the person that you want to be connected in your life by simply knowing his or her name and other similar identifying markers that can be displayed on your badge lanyards.

Break the boundaries and barriers of communication by breaking the ice with a stranger simply by knowing their name from their badge lanyards.

Lanyards offers an amazing range of top-quality badge lanyards in a variety of materials, printing styles and prices.

Getting exclusive tips from a well experienced real estate agent is extremely helpful. With proven guidelines from li-realestatefinder in buying and selling real estate properties in Long Island and nearby areas, you can get the right home pricing in the most convenient manner. In fact, the economy is slowly rising back to its usual pace due to the inclining sales in the real estate market today. So, for those who want to experience sudden influx in home buyers and sellers, we’ve prepared a few tips to be considered in order to get the exact value of the property.

new homeIt’s actually normal to feel hesitant when it comes to acquiring new home especially in a new environment. But despite the agitation, buyers and sellers need to consult professional agents to guide them in achieving their goals and expectations. For instance, before selling the home, there should be someone who can expertly provide accurate pricing to help buyers make informed decision. Property agents are in fact encouraging people to buy new properties today since interest rates are relatively low compared to the previous year.

When to Buy a New Home

Now is the perfect time to acquire a new home since the mortgage interest rate is very much affordable for everyone. Whether they are first-time buyers, existing homeowners, and investors, purchasing and investing in new properties is now an excellent idea. It is predicted that interest rates will continue to increase in the next few months and people also don’t want to struggle with the latest HST looming coming their way.

In order to help weather the unsteady economy, it’s essential to keep some important things in mind with regards to real estate market trends. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seller, buyer, or both. You need to make sure that you have enough resource to help you decide which property will suit your needs and exceed your expectation. Also, if you are looking for a new property to purchase in Garden City or Long Island, the following are the ultimate guide you need to get the best deal at more affordable rates.

For first-time buyers, it will greatly help to know the exact location before anything else. You have to understand that identifying the right location is important to any investment. Based on expert agents’ judgment, it is better to buy a small property located in the “best” street than purchasing one from a “less preferred” street. Investors should also be able to determine the right property such as condominiums near the public transportation areas or an apartment close to schools or university.

Buying a condo is also a great decision. However, you need to know if it will help you navigate the entire city without much hassles. Again, location is simply the best option. Realtors need to negotiate the best deal for those who want to buy condos in Garden City or Long Island to help them enjoy a more convenient lifestyle than their previous home. But for those who are purchasing a condo as investors, they need to think about renting their suite for the following 4 to 5 years prior to selling.

There are more surefire tips to reflect on before buying a new home in your desired location. Hence, it is always important to identify the factors that may affect your everyday life so that you can make sure that you will have comfortable lifestyle in the long run. With the real estate market today, there are lots of opportunities to buy and acquire new properties at competitive prices. All you need to do is find a reliable agency that can help you make informed decision when it comes to purchasing new homes.

Additional Tips in Finding the Right Property

Right PropertyThrough the use of credible and critical information regarding the current real estate market trends in the country, you will be able to find the best deal in the market today. In addition, you can take advantage of the low interest rates for mortgages while making your family comfortable in a new home. With the help of fact-packed and fast-paced resource, you can benefit from real estate experts, field reports, call-ins, interviews, and even timely market trends that will support your home buying needs.

Always think about the well being of your family before buying a new property whether in Long Island or Garden City. You can save a lot of money, time, and effort when you work with a reputable realtor in your local area while you get what you pay for. And remember, there is no better time to purchase new house but today. Move now or suffer from high interest rates and new HST looming in the next few months. The best tip is to always get professional assistance from a local agent to ensure that you are getting the best and most affordable deal in the realty market.


Before medals, trophies, or plaques, custom coins are once the standard reward item given to select people for showing excellence in what they do. However changes happened and these coins are almost obliterated by the more modern recognition prizes. Fortunately nowadays, these coins are constantly gaining popularity once again. Because of this, it is probably best to know the history and significance of giving and receiving these coins so that its meaning will not get lost along the way.

Brief History of Customizing Coins

Scholars state that custom coins were first used in Ancient Rome. Traditionally, it is said to be exclusively given only to military members or legionnaires who have shown great courage and loyalty to the country. Aside from their standard monetary payment, distinct legionnaires would also receive a specially customized coin. These coins are usually circular in shape, uniquely minted, and are marked with the emblem of particular legionnaire units, thus giving them the distinction among ordinary coins. These special coins received by the few legionnaires can also be spent on ordinary goods. However, because of its rarity and significance, most would keep it as a memento. This act of not spending the rare custom coins is said to be the reason why the coins increase its monetary as well as sentimental value over time.

Custom Coins Today

Nowadays, special coins are not limited to the military anymore. In fact, the use of these coins is now greater in other fields and practices compared to the military.

Perhaps the most popular purpose of these customized coins today is to show excellence, sportsmanship, and unity in competitive sports. Other than the conventional medals and trophies, we usually hand out coins to individual athletes that win tournaments. By doing so, these winners can carry the coin easily anywhere, carrying with them the sense of pride wherever they go. In team sports, we also give coins as a symbolization of the embedding of unity and cooperation between teammates before competing in tournaments.

Additionally, identical customized coins are also given to fans and athletes as a sign of their linkage and support to one another. It is also a great way to bring the team’s fan base together.

Custom Coin

Another popular use of custom coins is in the field of business. They are usually given at strategic times like during a special event, promotion, and marketing. In events, coins are commonly used as a tool to drive employees or clients to their maximum potential. On the other hand, in promotions, coins are a great way to give an employee a material representation of his milestone in his career. And lastly as a marketing stunt, collectible, limited edition coins may be given away as a tool to wet the target clients’ appetite for your product.

In Christian weddings, coins or Las arras are traditionally used to symbolize bride wealth, which is the token of the groom that is given to the bride’s family. Stepping it up a notch, couples today are now using customized coins as Las arras instead of using just ordinary currency. Commonly, the coin designs are made to suit the wedding’s color motif and other specifications. The gesture is simple yet it is a great way to add meaning and twist to a very special event.

The usage of custom coins stated above is just some of the most popular examples of how we can guarantee to add importance and sentiment to central events in our lives, and to show our friends, colleagues, or teammates our gratitude and acknowledgement to what they have done. There are many more ways and reasons to hand out these special coins; they can also be used as commemorative items, as souvenirs, or even as farewell gifts. Whatever the case may be, there is always a reason good enough for us to specially have our own coins customized and hand them out to special people in our lives.

Do I need a Long Island foreclosure lawyer to handle my foreclosure case? Perhaps, you already asked yourself that question. Many property holders think that hiring an attorney can cost them much money without thinking of what the legal expert can do for them. If you are being threatened of foreclosure, it could be a wise move to keep hold of a skilled foreclosure defense attorney’s counsel immediately.

Long Island Foreclosure LawyerDefaulting on mortgage can have severe effects on your family and finances. If your lender filed a foreclosure lawsuit against you, a Long Island foreclosure lawyer is there to protect your legal rights and help you understand the different options you may take to address your current situation. Once a foreclosure action is served to you from your lender, you only have twenty (20) days to respond to it. Your legal defender will guide you in answering any notice from the court.

Having a foreclosure lawyer on your side can be very helpful in understanding the law in details. The documentations and paperwork that pertains to your case are often comprised of legal jargon lines that seem so foreign to an everyday individual. An experienced foreclosure defense attorney though has spent years plunged in understanding legal language and paperwork.

Additionally, a Long Island foreclosure attorney can assist you in negotiating better loan modification terms. Such changes may include reduction on the amount that you have to pay monthly and extension of the time you need to pay your mortgage. Depending on how skilled your foreclosure attorney is in making negotiations, you can have the chance of saving your home from being foreclosed by ensuring that you followed what has been agreed with between each party.

If you think you can no longer pay your mortgage for whatever hardships you are going through, you may decide to allow foreclosure to happen. A Long Island foreclosure lawyer can direct you through what is called a “strategic default.” This option is usually chosen by those who think that their property value is less than what they owe on mortgage in the current economy. Others opt for a strategic default due to illness, job loss, layoffs or any other hardships that may be affecting their savings.

Is the “strategic default” process legal? Yes, it is, since any mortgage agreement is not considered to be a contractual commitment to the lender to have the debt repaid if you as a borrower no longer own the house. However, you could be entitled to push through a deficiency judgment that will necessitate you to pay for the resulting debt balance once your home is foreclosed or sold.

If your lender is harassing you, let a Long Island foreclosure lawyer fight for you. An attorney who specializes in foreclosure law can offer you plausible alternatives that could help you better deal with the tension of making payments to your mortgage. Through legal assistance, your defender can explain the consequences and benefits of defaulting on mortgage. He can also suggest a different option like seeing if you may qualify to make a short sale.

Many property holders who are faced with foreclosure are opting to make a short sale in order to get away from their mortgage debt. An experienced foreclosure attorney in Long Island can convince your lender to accept such propositions. Whatever debt relief you may opt for, an attorney’s knowledge of foreclosure law and process will definitely help you achieve your goals.

The aggressive representation of a Long Island foreclosure lawyer and his proficiency in foreclosure law can make certain that your case will receive the best possible success chances against your lender in or out the court.