The Significance of Handing Out Custom Coins

Before medals, trophies, or plaques, custom coins are once the standard reward item given to select people for showing excellence in what they do. However changes happened and these coins are almost obliterated by the more modern recognition prizes. Fortunately nowadays, these coins are constantly gaining popularity once again. Because of this, it is probably best to know the history and significance of giving and receiving these coins so that its meaning will not get lost along the way.

Brief History of Customizing Coins

Scholars state that custom coins were first used in Ancient Rome. Traditionally, it is said to be exclusively given only to military members or legionnaires who have shown great courage and loyalty to the country. Aside from their standard monetary payment, distinct legionnaires would also receive a specially customized coin. These coins are usually circular in shape, uniquely minted, and are marked with the emblem of particular legionnaire units, thus giving them the distinction among ordinary coins. These special coins received by the few legionnaires can also be spent on ordinary goods. However, because of its rarity and significance, most would keep it as a memento. This act of not spending the rare custom coins is said to be the reason why the coins increase its monetary as well as sentimental value over time.

Custom Coins Today

Nowadays, special coins are not limited to the military anymore. In fact, the use of these coins is now greater in other fields and practices compared to the military.

Perhaps the most popular purpose of these customized coins today is to show excellence, sportsmanship, and unity in competitive sports. Other than the conventional medals and trophies, we usually hand out coins to individual athletes that win tournaments. By doing so, these winners can carry the coin easily anywhere, carrying with them the sense of pride wherever they go. In team sports, we also give coins as a symbolization of the embedding of unity and cooperation between teammates before competing in tournaments.

Additionally, identical customized coins are also given to fans and athletes as a sign of their linkage and support to one another. It is also a great way to bring the team’s fan base together.

Custom Coin

Another popular use of custom coins is in the field of business. They are usually given at strategic times like during a special event, promotion, and marketing. In events, coins are commonly used as a tool to drive employees or clients to their maximum potential. On the other hand, in promotions, coins are a great way to give an employee a material representation of his milestone in his career. And lastly as a marketing stunt, collectible, limited edition coins may be given away as a tool to wet the target clients’ appetite for your product.

In Christian weddings, coins or Las arras are traditionally used to symbolize bride wealth, which is the token of the groom that is given to the bride’s family. Stepping it up a notch, couples today are now using customized coins as Las arras instead of using just ordinary currency. Commonly, the coin designs are made to suit the wedding’s color motif and other specifications. The gesture is simple yet it is a great way to add meaning and twist to a very special event.

The usage of custom coins stated above is just some of the most popular examples of how we can guarantee to add importance and sentiment to central events in our lives, and to show our friends, colleagues, or teammates our gratitude and acknowledgement to what they have done. There are many more ways and reasons to hand out these special coins; they can also be used as commemorative items, as souvenirs, or even as farewell gifts. Whatever the case may be, there is always a reason good enough for us to specially have our own coins customized and hand them out to special people in our lives.

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